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Are Weed Killers Safe For Pets?

Weed-Control-Services-Reno-NV | Are Weed Killers Safe For Pets? | Peak pest Control, Reno and Sparks

Most homeowners are pet lovers and let their pets out into the yard to play. Naturally, if you have pets, you might be hesitant to use chemicals on your grass. Worrying whether weed killers are safe for your pets is a valid concern since they are unable to identify chemical hazards and your pet probably spends a significant amount of time outside each week. Despite the fact that some weed killers can be dangerous to pets, there are various ways to eliminate weeds without putting them in danger.

Tips For Safe Weed Control Around Your Pets:

  • Avoid Improper Use of Chemical Sprays:

Doing weed control yourself may pose numerous dangers to your pets if you are not knowledgeable enough in the area. Many of the chemicals you buy at your local store could contain substances that have unfavorable impacts on both people and animals.

A mishandled spray application is another problem that could endanger your pet. A spray that needs to be diluted could be very potent if the ratio is incorrect. At Peak Pest Control, our team of experts is trained to know exactly what is in a weed killer and the right application procedure, professional spraying eliminates this worry.


  • Opt for the Organic Route

Although they may not always be as efficient, utilizing organic and natural weed killers is safer for pets. For instance, several organic weed killers dissolve the waxy coating on the leaves using vinegar or citrus oils, which causes the plant to dry out and die. This may be effective, but only for plants that have already emerged from the ground. You might need to use a more potent solution if your objective is to entirely eradicate weeds.


Seek Professional Weed Control Services

If you are someone who doesn’t want to take the risk of harming your pets, calling professionals to do the job is the best option for you. Peak Pest Control offers professional weed control services that will be safe for you, your family, and your outdoor pets. Professionals are aware of the best chemical mixtures to employ to eradicate all weeds from your lawn without endangering people or animals or harming any other parts of your lawn.

Looking for weed control services? Contact Peak Pest Control in Reno and Sparks, NV, or contact us at  775-446-6199  to book your appointment today!

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