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How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

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Many are unsure how frequently pest control should be performed. Preventative maintenance is critical whether you want to avoid a re-infestation after treating your house or you want to avoid having a pest problem in the first place. 

At Peak Pest Control, we will work with you to assess your home’s specific needs and build a treatment program and plan tailored to your specific pest issues. The location of your property, the type and age of the construction, cleanliness, the type of landscaping surrounding your home, and the sort of target pests you are treating all influence how often pest control should be performed.

To properly prevent any common pests, pest specialists recommend treatments every quarter or even bi-monthly. Monthly treatments over the span of 3-6 months are required for more severe infestations. However, keep in mind that the suggested frequency can vary according to the area, size, time of year, and type of pests.

Benefits Of Routine Pest Control 

Consider the advantages of routine inspections and maintenance treatments when choosing how often pest control should be conducted. Having pest professionals visit your home on a regular basis for maintenance and routine checks will considerably reduce the risk of your home becoming infected or re-infested after it has been cleared. No one wants bugs in their house they can create health complications, hygienic concerns, and, in some circumstances, significant property damage.

Another advantage of having skilled pest exterminators check on your property on a regular basis is that many homeowners are unaware that they have a pest infestation until it has become out of hand. Pest maintenance can aid in detecting mild signs or symptoms of a small and early infestation and the problem can be stopped before it gets worse. 

Routine pest management has numerous advantages, and when determining how often pest control treatments should be performed, it is better to consult with the professionals that can assess your specific needs depending on your house, commercial property, or specific pest problems.

Are you looking for pest control services in Reno or Sparks, NV? Our team at Peak Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest services. Contact us at 775-446-6199 to learn more about our services. 

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