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Importance of Early Weed Control

importance of early weed control | Peak Pest Reno

Whether you enjoy gardening or consider yard maintenance, weed control should be one of your top concerns. It is worth the effort to manage weeds as soon as possible to have a beautiful and healthy lawn, especially when you see it spring to life. 

Three Reasons Why Early Weed Control Is Important:

  • Kills the dormant weeds

There are several different types of weeds that fall dormant and rest in the ground over the winter. So, even if you think your yard problem is over for the winter, once the ideal combination of warmth and sunlight appears, the weed will be ready to grow at any time.

Treating any weed seeds you missed last year will undoubtedly cause you difficulties this year! So you might as well give your yard a fresh start. Early preventive measures can help you avoid having weeds in the first place. Pre-emergent sprays prevent them from budding and eliminate the need to remove dead weeds. 

  • Stops their life cycle 

They tend to spread at an alarming rate! The life cycle of certain weeds is only 5 to 6 weeks long. This implies that as soon as they emerge from the ground, they start spreading as many seeds as they can.

But, It is impossible for weeds to reproduce if they are not allowed to sprout, which means that it is important to halt their life cycle. if you decide to perform early weed control, the pre-emergent spray you used in the early spring will create fewer problems over the summer because the reproduction cycle has been disrupted.

  • Prevents killing the landscape and other plants

Weeds that are out of control are the source of many yard issues. Due to their rapid growth and life cycle, they tend to absorb all of the water in your lawn before the grass and plants have a chance to absorb it.

They can also obstruct sunlight if they grow large enough. With enough time, you may notice dead areas in your grass, which will eventually be filled in with additional weeds. Looking for a weed control company in Reno, NV? Call our Peak Pest Control team at 775-446-6199 to schedule your weed control. 

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